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Gable End Rising

Photo Gallery

The building permit, finally!

Mom and Dad Barris at work

The first wall is up!

John wall walking on the south (front) wall

Christmas Day 2005

David and Sam braving the weather

Luke in the garage

Luke again!

Looking west down the front wall from the garage

"I'm okay, really"

Jumping through the garage window

Super Luke

Garage roof trusses going up?

Sam (garage in the backround)

Sam "kicking up his heels"

Black Forest Gothic

Garage trusses ready to go up

Artistic view of the chimney

Plywood going on the garage

Finishing the garage plywood

Josh giving his mom a heart attack!!!

(view from the garage roof down)

Artistic plumbing?

The garage roof trusses are up!

Back view of the garage and house

John putting plywood on the garage roof

Josh hard at work!!!

2nd floor is finally being put down (balloon framing has been a challenge!!!)

Oh no!! More snow!!!!

From the back of the house toward the west

Garage roof plywood is almost done

Front second story wall going up

John wall walking 20 feet up!

1/2 of the second story floor is down

Some of our forest

Josh wall walking 20 feet up (giving his mom her second heart attack)

Commander of all he surverys

Luke impaling himself for nails, just for fun!

Master bedroom (back, north side) walls almost all up

The rest of the front walls waiting to be put into place

Inside the garage

Roofing paper going on the garage

How far do you think she could throw it?

8" by 12" by 22' Glulam beam

Only about 12 feet of floor joists to go before the second story floor is done

Front wall with an open space for the roof trusses to come in

View to the north into the master bedroom

Master bedroom roof trusses coming up

David "hanging" on the wall

Roof going up on the master bedroom

View from the garage roof west

Sam at the "peak" of his roofing career

The tar paper is on the garage


Master bedroom roof trusses are up

The another view of the master bedroom

The plywood is on the master bedroom roof view

Front of the house

Gable end on the east side of the main part of the house

Home away from home

Gable end again

Cheryl on Spring Break!

The back wall is finally going up

The main area roof trusses (the last ones!) are coming up

Robert and Cheryl Moore and their kids helping us get the last roof trusses up

Artistic view of the garage roof

Oops! That plan didn't work!

All the walls are up!!! Thank you Moores!

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